Every recruiting and selection process is unique. We know well how each market segment and each area within a company has very particular challenges and business objectives. A director qualified for the Agribusiness sector needs to meet requirements that are different from those of a Life Sciences director; likewise, the ideal analyst for the Finance & Tax sector has very different skills and knowledge from an analyst focused on the Marketing vertical.    

For this reason, we have assembled a team of specialists who know our clients’ businesses inside out and in a practical way, and who act in a consultative manner throughout the entire search process for the ideal candidate, regardless of the profile of the open position.   

Below, we detail our performance in the recruiting and selection of professionals for companies in the most varied market segments, and in strategic areas of their operations. 

Organizational Areas

Area focused on engineering and operations positions that involve functions in or out of process and manufacturing environments. Although specialized, we are extremely comprehensive and deal with the various ramifications that arise from this area: from research and development of new products and technology platforms to areas such as quality, logistics, and occupational health and safetyOur leadership has backgrounds in engineering, as well as hands-on experience in manufacturing environments, and therefore easily and quickly understands what the professional needs are for our clients. With high employability, these professionals can work in different areas. That is why we are specialists in finding the best profiles for the challenges imposed by the current scenario in each sector and each company. 

Our technical structure is aligned to the needs of all branches of finance. We focus our efforts on middle and top management positions for organizations in various sectors, such as Industries, Services, Agribusiness, Energy, Consumer Goods, among others. 

We are highly focused on the demands of the universe of finance and tax and, as part of our specialty strategy, we have in our team a group of professionals who have already worked in the front line of the sector, which enables them to deal with and contribute to all the cornerstones of a hiring process, regardless of its complexity. 

Our team is highly specialized, with extensive experience in the legal and compliance market. Always aware of the corporate movements and how these changes require a more sophisticated profile and a more feasible solution for the business of these professionals. 

We work in all areas of law such as corporate, contractual, M&A, regulatory, banking, capital markets, infrastructure, agribusiness, environmental, competition, intellectual property, civil, and others. 

We conduct processes for professionals in leadership positions in different areas of activity, whether in small, medium, or large companies; whether national or multinational. 

In marketing, we focus on positions in the entire ecosystem of this organizational pillar: trade marketing, e-commerce, strategic planning, social media, product and category strategy, branding, market intelligence, among others. We also consider within this pillar projects focused on the areas of corporate communication, PR, content, events, and related areas of the organizations’ institutional umbrella. 

In this pillar, we take care of all the details concerning the vast universe of the HR area. Through a specialized team, we select professionals capable of dealing with all operational processes: from payroll, benefits, contracts, labor and union relations, to the most complex issues related to people development in Business Partners, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition positions, succession programs, training and careers. 

In addition to the functional areas, we seek to understand the movements and new organizational needs, focusing on the areas of People Analytics, Employee Experience, EVP, and Diversity and Inclusion. 

In sales, we are trained to map professionals who will be challenged with the various commercial models and needs, regardless of the company’s industry or regional complexity. Our differential is in the way we conduct this journey, offering the end client a aligned professional with the necessary skills for each type of function, from commercial aspects such as channel strategies, market intelligence and inside sales to campaign and event management. 

Market Segments

Talenses Group differentiates itself by ensuring the recruiting process across the entire healthcare ecosystem: pharmaceutical industries, healthcare operators, medical devices, medtechs, and hospital networks. 

Such organizations require a specific professional profile, with unique and fundamental skills in an extremely regulated sector context, which considers the patient within a journey of experiences focused on his or her well-being. For this reason, our team of specialists handles, with a very technical approach, all the stages of recruiting and hiring these professionals, who are increasingly in demand in the job market. 

At Talenses Group, we have a team of specialists in the entire Oil & Gas chain and we cover both technical and corporate positions for the sector. 

In a rapidly expanding segment and with demand for qualified professionals on the rise, we differentiate ourselves by mapping and recruiting specialists working in oil exploration and production activities (upstream), experts in refining activities (midstream), and experts in transportation and marketing (downstream), as well as in the natural gas distribution chain. 

Technological transformations, scenarios of economic and political instability, increasingly competitive markets. These are the constant challenges in the lives of professionals who work in the financial sector and who need to be constantly up to date, even in the most traditional pillars of the market. 

At Talenses Group, we have a team dedicated to mapping leaders who can meet the peculiarities of this sector in all its aspects: Banks, Payment Services, Insurance, Family Office, Private Equity, Fintechs and other Financial Institutions 

The Agribusiness sector has undergone a complete transformation, which includes the search for greater agricultural and industrial efficiency, as well as the growing adoption of new technologies, meeting ESG guidelines. Talenses Group knows the segment and its evolution very well, and has a team with the necessary expertise to map talents able to lead this process in the industry companies. 

Whether in agroenergy, agroindustry, agricultural cooperatives, trading, or in input producers and farmers, we can find and select the ideal leaders (from managerial to board level) for your business. 

Talenses Group has teams with very diverse backgrounds within the industrial sector, providing an extremely consultative and personalized approach to the market for companies in their searches.  

We perform mapping of the market and highly qualified professionals for companies in the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, capital goods, pulp and paper, steel, mining, cement, textile, aviation, and defense sectors, as well as companies focused on industrial automation solutions. The search scope is all over Latin America and positions in North America and Europe.  

We operate in the entire energy sector chain, covering the generation, transmission, and distribution stages, both in the captive and free energy markets. We also have a strong presence in renewable energy positions, such as solar, wind, biomass, green hydrogen, and second-generation ethanol, as well as in the section of energy trading companies, related services, and machinery in the sector.  

Our expertise in the segment allows us to find and select technical professionals, with deep market knowledge and qualified to lead their companies in the most diverse business challenges.  

At Talenses Group, we know the importance of Shared Services Centers (SSC) for companies, gathering and integrating several support areas that would work in isolation – and thus generating cost reduction, increased productivity and more efficient communication between teams.  

We have a team specialized in finding the professionals who work in the departments that are usually integrated by a SSC, such as accounting, finance, information technology, engineering, maintenance, marketing, human resources, and logistics.  

Talenses Group has the expertise and market knowledge to offer consulting services and new products to the Human Resources and Technology areas, and to leaders of organizations that are impacted by the constant market changes caused by new technologies and shortage of tech & digital professionals. 

Within the Tech, Digital and Telecom segments, in addition to tech recruiting and executive search services, we have solutions in tech leadership education and tech governance and strategy consulting. 





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Brazilian holding company with complete recruitment and selection solutions and human capital for companies of various sectors and that seek consultative and specialized performance, regardless of the hierarchical level. With offices in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro, our structure allows us to serve organizations in the main capitals of Brazil and Latin America.

In the permanent hiring model, we recruit talents in early career, leadership, and Top Management, C-Level, and Board positions. In the staff loan model, we recruit experts and relocate them as third parties or temporary staff to specific projects within the organizations. At Tech Recruiting, we connect companies to our community of digital and technology professionals. As for inclusive recruiting, we have a team specialized in affirmative selection processes for corporate positions.

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